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Thank you for taking the next step in filling out an application to volunteer. Please note that if you have not submitted permission for the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department to conduct a background check, please do this now before filling out this form.

Please give 3 references (cannot be a relative) - Name, Address, & Phone number.
Please attach any other Fire related certification to this application

I will answer fire calls, attend training classes, work details, special details, work 75% of all Bingo games, work within the chain of command and the standard operating procedures of the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department. I will hereby authorize the investigation committee to complete a police and reference check on my character. I also authorize these findings to be discussed among the members at a regular meeting before voting on my application.

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Beaver Vol. Fire Dept.
147 3rd Street
Beaver, WV 25813
Tel. (304) 252-5824

Fax: 304-252-7922
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